I got this idea while studying and I wonder if its possible / hard /
done already and I didn't spot it:


A window that allows you to select a few plugins, put them in order
you want them to be applied, modify their parameters and apply them on
the current image. The window should allow the user to save the
"combination" and reuse it for other combinations.

GUI idea description:
+ You select plugin by name from an auto-complete text box.
+ You can rearrange the plugins with drag-n-drop
+ By double clicking on a plugin it shows up the plugin parameters
configuration window (if any).
+ By clicking "preview" it shows a small preview of the current image
after applying the plugins
+ By clicking "apply" it applies the plugins one by one on the current image

Advantages it offers:
+ Users can create and reuse easily their "combinations" of plugins
that they use often. This increases productivity.
+ When you normally apply few plugins over a picture, there is no easy
way to modify the parameters of the first plugins you applied (undo
works from the end). This would allow more control over using plugins.
+ Could potentially generate plugins (generate their code) [not so
sure about this though..]

Your comments / ideas will be appreciated :)

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