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> Hello,
> I got this idea while studying and I wonder if its possible / hard /
> done already and I didn't spot it:
> Plugin-Mixer:
> A window that allows you to select a few plugins, put them in order
> you want them to be applied, modify their parameters and apply them on
> the current image. The window should allow the user to save the
> "combination" and reuse it for other combinations.


> Advantages it offers:
> + Users can create and reuse easily their "combinations" of plugins
> that they use often. This increases productivity.
> + When you normally apply few plugins over a picture, there is no easy
> way to modify the parameters of the first plugins you applied (undo
> works from the end). This would allow more control over using plugins.
> + Could potentially generate plugins (generate their code) [not so
> sure about this though..]

This is related to what in GEGL is known as meta-ops, processing
operations that are implemented in the terms of other GEGL operations.
For instance the dropshadow operation is a combination of the
operations gegl:over, gegl:translate, gegl:opacity,
gegl:gaussian-blur, gegl:src-in and gegl:color. (unsharp mask is
another example of such a composite meta op). At the moment these
operations are written in .C, but it would be possible to define them
as XML or some other serialization format. Editing such operations
could also be done in a visual way using nodes connected with hoses or
other metaphors.

There is a bug in GEGL about loading such operations from non C files:

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