Hi folks,

I'm back working on the meta-data browser. Current problem I suppose is
to overcome my lack of C knowledge towards inheritance.

I've implemented a GtkEntry widget which is tied to the XMPModel. This
means, a user can change the meta-data "title" on the description tab
and in the advanced tab (showing a tree of currently set meta-data
values) and both widgets stay in sync with the value entered.

I would like to do something similar for the text views. Take the
description as an example. Martin gave me a hint towards inheritance, which
I'm currently trying to solve.

My understanding so far, if I would inherit from my GtkEntry widget, I
wouldn't be able to "overwrite" my implementation so I can display a
GtkTextView. I also thought about inheriting from a more basic widget
and somehow use a GtkEntry or GtkTextView as a property. That didn't
really worked well either.

Now I have a similar implementation working with a GtkTextView as a base
class including "borrowed" code from my GtkEntry. I would like to
"merge" both to something more flexible, but I can't really think of a
better architecture.

Maybe the clue is to overwrite the constructor which returns either a
GtkEntry, a GtkTextView or ...?

Any help, pointers, new ideas would be appreciated :)

Roman Joost
www: http://www.romanofski.de
email: romanof...@gimp.org

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