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> Oliver Bandel (oli...@first.in-berlin.de) wrote:
>> I'm new on the developer list.
> Welcome.
>> I would like to help in pushing into the direction of overcoming the
>> 8-Bit limitation. Also interesting would be for me to have more
>> knowledge on the plugin-stuff; I had already written some little
>> Python-plugins, but to know more about that would be fine.... I also
>> think about implementing a foreign language interface for OCaml.
> For the 8-bit limitation the important keyword is GEGL, which is the
> project we want to base on for higher bit depths. Pippin is the person
> in the know there.

Where is the main problem?
Is the problem to import GEGL into Gimp,
or is GEGL not advanced enough to use it
in Gimp at the moment?
So: is the work to be done at the Gimp-side or at the GEGL-side?

>> At the moment I'm using Ubuntu and used the "apt-get source gimp" to
>> download the sources of the current Gimp on my distribution. I looked
>> for the necessary tools, which were not all installed. So then I
>> installed them.
> I suspect this is not the current gimp source you're getting there.

I know.
But with "current" I meant: "the sources that were used to compile the  
Gimp, which I have installed at the moment as a binary".

> For
> development you really need to look at the stuff in the git repository.

So I first look at git. I have heard of it, but not used it so far.

> Of importance are the three git repositories babl / gegl / gimp, which
> need to be built and installed (in your own prefix, not (!) parallel to
> the system installed babl/gegl/gimp versions).
> For gtk+ and glib
> development code the system stuff *might* be too old, we have debian
> testing as a rule-of-thumb of the versions we depend on.


Using non-standard locations hopefully will not need too much effort.
Is this all easy going with "./configure"? I hope so.

Are there scripts, especially for installing all the stuff locally,
so that Gimp-development can be done in this way with just a one-liner?

> A lot of other information is available at http://developer.gimp.org/faq.html

OK, I will read it.

>> It looks like a lot of code...
> It is. But it is IMHO really good code...  :)

I have looked into some of the code... I looked on-systematically at  
some places.
The first file I picked had a lot of hard coded values inside,
doing it without defines, so I was shocked at the first moment... ;-)
but the other files I looked into looked quite good.

The coding style is close to what I use for my own code,
and all in all it looked good, yes. :)

> If you drop by in #gimp on irc.gimp.org (aka gimpnet) ask questions (and
> wait patiently, it is not really a real-time-response channel)


Some days ago I asked something quite unpatiently,
and got no answer during the time I was looged in...
So, thank you for clarification.


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