Hey again all,

Many thanks for discussing my little proposal, by no means I wanted to
obsolete or drop
built-in scripting languages like lua, pyton, ruby ... etc I just wanted
to refresh the (really
powerful) Scheme/Racket stuff.. Things like UnitTesting is already
implemented within DrScheme/Racket and now soon perhaps will Performance
and Testing Tools like the TPT-
Platform will find its way into Scheme/Racket.. And yes I am of the
opinion too, that a
reduced feature set can ease certain things... In my humble point of
view the Script-FU/Tiny-Fu engine needs an update. Well... And Saul
Goode many thanks for your interest (to eventually participate) in this
project (was not being started at all) [way to busy with studying and
exam stuff] besides I am not that proficient at this very moment, but
with some help of Kevin Cozens (who did some REALLY great work)
something could work out... I'm asking myself where a trunk repo could
be... at first it would be to tiny and unimportant for GNOME/GIT...

I only want GIMP to be the very best Image Manipulation Program that it
can be.

Yours sincerely, Andreas_P

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