Zhenfeng Zhao wrote:

> I received a comment on my Gimp Gsoc proposal from Martin a couple  
> hours ago. To answer Martin’s question, and think about what UI  
> adjustments are needed for Brush Selector Widget, it may help to  
> discuss here, to see whether my understanding is correct. After  
> having some feedback, I can make some scratches on paper for the new  
> UI, and also can use Gimp or Inkscape to design the UI mock-up.
> One of the goals of the project on UI is to allow more precise brush  
> selection. For example, users can easily input and see effects with  
> size, angle, and aspect ratio values.

i think (and I have thought and discussed about it quite a bit with
usual suspects like alexia and pippin) that trying out is best done
with the full parameters of _this_moment_, on the canvas or a copy
of the canvas. after I attended a sprint with krita, they have
implemented a variant of that. you can see blogs about that.

> Currently, these cannot be done easily. Brushes are rather complex  
> in Gimp.
> 1. In Brush Selection, basically there is a list of brushes to  
> select. There is only parameter to adjust for the selection  
> underneath is Spacing.

and that one will be transferred to the tool options

>  2. To customize a brush, there are many parameters to choose in  
> Tool Options for brushes.
> 3. Users can also right click on brushes to duplicate and modify it,  
> or create a new brush, with input of size, angle, and aspect ratio.

for a vector brush, yes. pixmap: I believe not.

> Therefore, there are these many places to choose a brush: Brush  
> Selector, Tool Options, and Brush Editor.

> In this project, size, angle, and aspect ratio are important  
> parameters for brush selection.

after reading that a couple of times, I think you
are talking about making a vector brush from scratch for temporary use.

> In the UI, my idea is to have widgets of size (radius), angle, and  
> aspect ratio in Brush Selection Widget, maybe under where Spacing  
> is. Then, users can have a brush that has these precise input  
> parameters, without needing to create a new brush copy and adjust  
> them there. This should be a small task, so that some frequently  
> used widgets would be in a more accessible place.

I think we want to have the 'from scratch' mode mutual exclusive with  
'from collection' mode. this separates nicely the 2 modes users are.
this must be done by switching the mode at the top of the brush  
dialog (a copy of which also pops up in the tool options). of course a  
'from scratch' brush can be saved into the collection. then it has  
become clear
that the 'from scratch' mode is equal to the brush editor (which can
definitely use improvements).

ah, and when you implement a pattern like that, you will be required  
(I bet)
to make the changes in such a way that they get applied to all resources
(patterns, gradients, etc).


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