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> i think (and I have thought and discussed about it quite a bit with
> usual suspects like alexia and pippin) that trying out is best done
> with the full parameters of _this_moment_, on the canvas or a copy
> of the canvas. after I attended a sprint with krita, they have
> implemented a variant of that. you can see blogs about that.
Yes, it is the way that I do it too. One can see if the effect is good, if
trying it out (playing with it).

> > Currently, these cannot be done easily. Brushes are rather complex
> > in Gimp.
> >
> > 1. In Brush Selection, basically there is a list of brushes to
> > select. There is only parameter to adjust for the selection
> > underneath is Spacing.
> and that one will be transferred to the tool options

OK. I can do the transferring in the project, "moving Spacing to tool

> >  2. To customize a brush, there are many parameters to choose in
> > Tool Options for brushes.
> >
> > 3. Users can also right click on brushes to duplicate and modify it,
> > or create a new brush, with input of size, angle, and aspect ratio.
> for a vector brush, yes. pixmap: I believe not.

Right. The "duplicate brush" on right click is disabled for them. For vector
brush, they can be cloned and modified.

> > Therefore, there are these many places to choose a brush: Brush
> > Selector, Tool Options, and Brush Editor.
> > In this project, size, angle, and aspect ratio are important
> > parameters for brush selection.
> after reading that a couple of times, I think you
> are talking about making a vector brush from scratch for temporary use.
So far, I thought about vector brushes. Input from Alexia would be
appreciated. I hope to understand the project goals better.

I do see some drawbacks of the current UI. There are a few ways to improve
it. I am interested to know the approach that has a good UI design, and its
changes can fit in the architecture.

> > In the UI, my idea is to have widgets of size (radius), angle, and
> > aspect ratio in Brush Selection Widget, maybe under where Spacing
> > is. Then, users can have a brush that has these precise input
> > parameters, without needing to create a new brush copy and adjust
> > them there. This should be a small task, so that some frequently
> > used widgets would be in a more accessible place.
> I think we want to have the 'from scratch' mode mutual exclusive with
> the
> 'from collection' mode. this separates nicely the 2 modes users are.
> this must be done by switching the mode at the top of the brush
> selection
> dialog (a copy of which also pops up in the tool options). of course a
> 'from scratch' brush can be saved into the collection. then it has
> become clear
> that the 'from scratch' mode is equal to the brush editor (which can
> definitely use improvements).
> OK, it sounds like a good solution. There can be two modes: choose from the
brush selection/collection, and create a brush using brush editor.

The brush editor often hides now. I could be wrong, but maybe most users do
not even notice its exist. However, brush editor is very useful to create a
customized vector brush.

> ah, and when you implement a pattern like that, you will be required
> (I bet)
> to make the changes in such a way that they get applied to all resources
> (patterns, gradients, etc).
How does the modification apply to patterns and gradients? Do you mean when
using a brush shape and a pattern for the stroke? In Clone tool, pattern and
brush can be selected separately to use together. If so, I can see there is
some work to use a customized brush. Wait, if I make a vector brush using
brush editor, and use a pattern source in Clone tool, it works and puts
pattern in the shape that I just created. So, if I adjust the UI to have two
modes, a newly created vector brush should work with patterns right away,



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