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> My first question would be, what language should I be using and how do I set
> it up so that it will work.

I'd recommend python, as it is pretty easy to pick up even for the

IIRC the OSX version of GIMP includes python support - you can check
by selecting Filters->Python-Fu->Console.  If that opens, you have
python support.  If so, place plugin (.py) files into "[your
home]/Library/Applications Support/Gimp/plug-ins" (create directory if

There's this article, which is a bit dated but still useful:

Then you might check out the plug-in registry for plug-ins tagged
'python' and study how they are coded:

Also - you can interact with the current image (or create a new image)
in the Python-Fu console, which can be useful.  Also see
Help->Procedure Browser.  All of those functions can be called from
python with pdb.finction_name()

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