Someone has registered gimp on souceforge -

I see there's a Donate Money link, and a non-working download link,
both of which may be harmful; maybe it's worth asking
sourceforge for this not-gimp project to be deleted?

This was from someone who wouldn't share it openly on IRC, although I
don't really see why not :-)

Liam (Ankh)

<sbts> Hi Ankh, a bit of info that I thought the team should know and
discuss before making it public
<sbts> It apears that someone has registered a project called gimp at
sourceforge it has been there for about 79
days, and just has the default template content.
* Ankh looks
<Ankh> so it does
<sbts> It may be worth the team contacting Sourceforge and requesting a
project takeover BEFORE any content goes up, even if you just use it as
a point of redirection
<Ankh> I'll send mail to the gimp developr list (or you can)
<sbts> there are a number of policy items that you would have to meet to
oficially be allowed to keep a sourceforge prescence, but I think it
would possibly be worth it.
<sbts> I am not a member of the list, and figured that it should come
from within your community, but didn't want to have the universe
knowing, and possibly hindering your efforts :)
<Ankh> ok, thanks for letting us know
<sbts> if you drop in at #sourceforge (on and ask for
the policy doc links, they can be redily provided from there.
<sbts> np.
<sbts> I found out because someone asked questions about "problems" they
had with downloading gimp from sourceforge on #sourceforge, went and
checked the page......
<sbts> will leave you with it. if you want to contact me just /msg sbts
on the freenode network
<Ankh> ok, thanks (I'm there too)

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