On 04/23/10 10:36, Michael Schumacher wrote:
>> Von: Liam R E Quin<l...@holoweb.net>
>> Someone has registered gimp on souceforge -
>> http://gimp.sourceforge.net/
>> I see there's a Donate Money link, and a non-working download link,
>> both of which may be harmful; maybe it's worth asking
>> sourceforge for this not-gimp project to be deleted?
> For the moment, yes.
> We could consider to establish a home page there (although we will most 
> likely not use any of their other ressources), so I'll look into blocking 
> that url for future use.
> Regards,
> Michael


"Gimp (gimp) has not opted in to receive donations"

Seem like no activity since it was set up. Probably someone who smokes 
too much weed.

The most positive way to catch this is probably by joining the project 
and putting the correct home page,  links and info that would be helpful.

If it gets deleted it will only get recreated by someone else.

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