Callie writes:
> Hey guys,
> I have very limited experience in programming, and none at all with making
> plugins, but I want to make a plugin that would make my life a whole lot
> easier.  
> Unfortunately, it seems that all the information regarding this process is
> written for people who are experienced in programming or writing plugins or
> such, and is unintelligible to me.

I wrote a pair of articles a while back for Linux Planet on writing
GIMP plug-ins in Python. Although there wasn't space to teach
Python from scratch, I tried to write even for people who don't
have much programming background: (part I) (part II)

> My first question would be, what language should I be using and how do I set
> it up so that it will work.

Assuming you have GIMP Python support already installed (do you have
a Filters->Python-fu menu?), most people find Python easier to read
than Script-fu. But Script-fu does have the advantage that there are
lots of scripts available to copy, and you can count on it already
being installed.

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