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> Hi,
> An interesting issue was brought up by a user. It really isn't easy
> defining a square brush with a particular length of a side. For
> example, creating a square brush with a side exactly 2px large.
> Could anything sensible be done about that? (Apart from telling users
> they don't really need 2px large square brushes, that is :))

Hi Prokoudine --

Right now, I am afraid it would not be easy - and I don't see how
someone could go and work on change the measurement on "radius" for
generated brushes to "side" when the shape is square.

However, a way to create a 2px square brush would be to make a 2x2px
selection in agrayscale image, , copy it and edit-> paste as ->

It would be easy to have that as a plug-in, but I can't think of a way
such a plug-in would not clutter the menus.

However, now that I mentioned it, ther is a File -> create[...] action
that create a brush. (create brush from phrase)

Maybe we could come along with some more 2 or 3 ideas to populate a
file->create->brush...  submenu. There an "Exact square brush..."
could easily fit.

Let's see whatthe maintainers and Peter have to say on sucha  submenu,
and throw in some ideas on whatthe other entries could be.



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