Hi Alexia

>> it will not ship like this.
> I have problem with this attitude. Its not how open-source works. If
> its stable, you release it and then keep adding design and features in
> the next cycle. 2.8 has already taken too long. People who shoudn't be
> building Gimp from git are doing it. Heaping on "does not match design
> goals exactly" style roadblocks does more harm than helps. If it fills
> the basic requirements and is stable, its not a release roadblock. Id
> like to hear other developers opinions on this.

I'm a big fan of open source, but I am also a big fan of interaction 
design and usability. For me it is not only software stability that is 
important, I want things to be pleasant to use as well.

Once 2.8 is out I want to focus on GEGL integration. I won't be able to 
do that if we have a half-baked implementation of the single-window mode 
UI overhaul, so I support guiguru's wish to do what it takes to fix e.g. 
the problems the current tabs has before we release 2.8.

Yes, development of 2.8 has taken a long time, but it has also turned 
into a remarkable release. I expect 2.8 to be the stable version for a 
long time, so we should give it the development time it deserves.



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