> Von: "Hades" <ppm10...@163.com>
> If I want use GIMP to parse psd file(photoshop file format) in my
> program(C++ or Java),how should I do?

PSD support in GIMP is based on an old version of the PSD format specification 
(the current one is locked away in the Adobe Photoshop SDK and can't be used 
with Free software, in my opinion).

There's also a number of known bugs in regard to PSD support, i.e. do not 
expect that any program will be able to read some PSD files written by GIMP.

> And I Have to read which part of GIMP SourceCode?


When reusing code from there, pay attention to the license:

the GNU General Public License Version 3 is what grants you permission to use 
the code in the first places, but also enforces the rules you'll have to 
follow. See http://www.gnu.org/licenses/quick-guide-gplv3.html for an 

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