I was interested in contributing to the GIMP src (maybe a few bug fixes or
such), when I had these problems:

0. Have to use M$ Windows (can't help it - its the system given by my
    way out: Use Cygwin.

1. git clone fails as the git port is blocked.
    way out: Download source code of latest release and submit patches on
that (good enough)

2. After downloading the code, I am not able to figure out the dependencies
(on Cygwin)

So, is there any way for Cygwin (for compiling GIMP from source), other than
manually going through each dependency and installing them (which I dont
know if will work in Cygwin or not)?

The official Cygwin port of GIMP appears to be an old version (1.x if I
remember right)

I hope I don't "have" to switch Linux for this.

Lots o' Luv,
Phani Bhushan

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