Zhenfeng Zhao wrote:

> Thank you for the quick feedback...

now for the not so quick feedback...

> I think we want to have the 'from scratch' mode mutual exclusive with
> the
> 'from collection' mode. this separates nicely the 2 modes users are.
> this must be done by switching the mode at the top of the brush
> selection
> dialog (a copy of which also pops up in the tool options). of course a
> 'from scratch' brush can be saved into the collection. then it has
> become clear
> that the 'from scratch' mode is equal to the brush editor (which can
> definitely use improvements).
> OK, it sounds like a good solution. There can be two modes: choose  
> from the brush selection/collection, and create a brush using brush  
> editor.

I call it subtly different: 'choose from collection' mode and configure
using brush editor (there is no obligation to save it in the  
just to be clear.

> ah, and when you implement a pattern like that, you will be required
> (I bet)
> to make the changes in such a way that they get applied to all  
> resources
> (patterns, gradients, etc).
> How does the modification apply to patterns and gradients? Do you  
> mean when using a brush shape and a pattern for the stroke? In Clone  
> tool, pattern and brush can be selected separately to use together.  
> If so, I can see there is some work to use a customized brush. Wait,  
> if I make a vector brush using brush editor, and use a pattern  
> source in Clone tool, it works and puts pattern in the shape that I  
> just created. So, if I adjust the UI to have two modes, a newly  
> created vector brush should work with patterns right away, right?

what I meant is the interaction pattern of having a 'from collection'
and a 'from scratch' mode in both the dockable dialog and the tool
options pop-up for patterns and gradients too.


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