I have an idea and I'd like to know what you think about it.

Let's suppose a situation:

We make a 100 x 100px rectangle selection on a 2000 x 2000px, and we want to
create a new layer to paint the rectangle, so when we  ask a for a new layer
a popup is opened asking Name, Width, Height, etc, for the new layer, for
default the Width and Height values are 2000px² (our document's size), we
click "Ok" and we have a new layer.

My point here it is that we have a 2000px² layer for a 100px² object, and as
I can see - as a user - a 2000px² consumes more performance(I don't know if
it's Memory or CPU) than a 100px².

So my idea is to have a option when creating a new layer; maybe a checkbox
with something like:

[__] Follow Selection's Size

Did I make myself clear?

Anyway, thanks for the attention,


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