On Fri, May 7, 2010 at 8:42 AM, Jason Simanek <jsima...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The trouble that most contemporary designers have when it comes to
> creating professional graphics with the Gimp (and Inkscape, Scribus,
> etc.) is due to their lack of knowledge.

(Also anecdotal) - personally, the trouble I have is with the vendors
that require CMYK artwork.  If we could convince the entire industry
to accept color-managed RGB, well sure we'd not need to design
anything in CMYK except corner cases like rich black and overprinting.
 However, from what I can tell of the printing industry (at least in
the US), this is just a nice dream.  As long as they insist on CMYK
artwork, CMYK mode is a necessary evil.

I worked for a printing company for a while.  They preferred CMYK
artwork, the rationale being: people tend to send something with a
#0000FF background and get angry when the final printed item comes out
different (of course a good proofing system helps here).

But this has all been discussed in depth on this list, and once gegl
is fully integrated we'll have all the tools needed for a managed
workflow, and also the necessary evil of CMYK mode :)

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