On Sun, May 09, 2010 at 09:35:53AM +0800, Hades wrote:
> thanks for your help,but I still want to know why few people like to do some 
> api in java.

Maybe, because Java is crap.

I also think about providing a foreign language interface to Gimp,
but would use OCaml. But maybe an OCaml binding to GEGL would also
make sense.

I'm just very new to Gimp, and I'm not experienced with the huge
code base.... I just do some hacking in my local repository,
but so far did just some simple changes.... but did not start adding
another language-interface to Gimp; just thought about it (like you also do).

Maybe I will not even start it. (There is other stuff I'm working on also.)

Gimp is written in C, and uses some libraries that also provide
OO-functionality. There is glib and gtk+; and for the graphical
processing gegl will be used more and more.

I doubt that Java will provide things that are new  (because OO is already
in use inside of gimp, as just mentioned) and needed.
I have seen some Java projects, and it always was a mess to handle it.
The reason to use Java is often said:  compatibility.
But I have seen problems in this respect many years ago; Java-people
told me, things were better now; and just some months ago I saw
the same problems again.

So, the main reason does not hold.

> because the pure java code to do the graphics manipulation  is  a saddly 
> things,even including the sun's JAI.

So, you say, that it's not good.
But why adding a Java-API then?

OCaml would make sense to me, because it would add functional programming and
a strong and rigid type system.... things, that Python not brings in.
With Ptython it's sometimes a mess, because it's type coercion is very close
to that of Perl and Tcl.

But at the moment I think, instead of adding such a new language interface,
it would make even more sense to make a rewrite from scratch with another 
( But I would not await for people to enter this. ;) )

This might also make sense for your Java idea. ;)
I heard Java is good for GUI-programming.
So you might start a Gimp-clone ;)
But when it uses gtk also, then you just use a different language
for the same GUI library.... would this make sense?
With Java not, I would guess...

And: be aware, that the Gimp code base is very huge.

So, I'm not sure I would start such a thing.
But you seem to be very motivated...

At the moment I'm working on other stuff,
and just looking what the experienced Gimp developers do.
AFAIK there are massive changes planned in the code base...
...and so, if you add your stuff now, you might have to
meet a moving target...?! (Not sure how long the API will be stable,
hopefully it will be stable for a longer time.)

The fine with using git is, that one can add his
own changes and nevertheless can slurp in the
new code from the main developers. (with rebase-ing)

So.... you also could start your Java-stuff, if you want,
and maybe one day, when it's good, and would convince people
that it is necessary and cool, they might be interested in importing it.

But I doubt that this will be the case.

Nevertheless, you could develop your code locally, and when it's ready to use,
then just upload your code to a server and maybe people would like to try it,
even if it is not official part of Gimp. (if nobody is interested, at least you
can use it for yourself.)

I started learning git, to be able to manage the Gimp code, to jump into the
Gimp-development; and I saw, that this tool is really helpful... it's the
ultimative tool for handling code in such big projects. If you already know how
to use it, you could start with codding right now.... (otherwise: learn git,
it's cool.)

So we may see your code online in a year or so? ;)

Even I dislike Java, I mean, you could just start it.
Some people might enter to help you.

> The ImageMagick and GIMP is good enought ,not like toy.But the ImageMagick 
> cann't do much psd file perform.

I thought psd-format is also not completely supported in Gimp.

...and: would you write a Java language interface for gimp,
just to use the psd-import from Gimp?

Couldn't this be done easier otherwise?

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