the official coding period of Google Summer of Code 2010 starts in two
weeks (on May 24).

Building GIMP and GEGL

Make sure that building GEGL or GIMP from Git is possible on your system
- Martin Nordholts has written a guide about installing GIMP in a
private directory:

It is recommended to use the most current revision of your distro.

Google Docs

By now, there should be a plan for each project, describing an initial
idea about deliverables and milestones. A quick poll among the mentors
has shown that they are in favor of using Google Docs for any documents
during GSoC - be it documents, spreadsheets or diagrams.

Please make sure that everything is shared between student and mentor
and the GIMP GSoC admin (me; Google account is my current mail address).
If possible, make the documents public - and the final version of them
should be checked into Git.

It has also been suggested that Google Wave may be useful for the
student-mentor discussions. I'm not sure about this (the Google Wave
interface always gives me this "... is this supposed to be usable yet?"
feeling), but you can try this for yourself. Please note that it seems
to be impossible to access Waves without a Google Wave account, unlike
public Google docs.

Git Access

Source code is maintained in Git. In order to push changes back into the
repository, you need a Git account.

Follow the instructions at http://live.gnome.org/NewAccounts in order to
get the account. If you need assistance, ask your mentor or join us on
IRC at #gimp on irc.gimp.org

Whether your want to work in a branch or stick to master and keep
rebasing should be decided by mentor and student.

Short presentation for LGM

It would be nice to have a short presentation of each project for LGM -
only a few slides per project. The main goal is to provide some facts to
anyone who's interested in GIMP's and GEGL's SoC projects, although
these could also be shown in a lightning talk.


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