Am Montag, 10. Mai 2010 23:34:18 schrieb Jernej Simončič:
> Windows installer for GIMP has till now always been in English only,
> although the installer always shipped with all translations that are
> included with GIMP. It would be nice, if the installer was translated
> as well, but it uses it's own translation format, which is quite
> different from gettext's .po catalogs. What would be the best way to
> handle this translation?

This depends on how the translations are done in the Windows installer. Some 
installers use some kind of database which is not interchangable and require 
the installer software for editing. Others use plain text files (one for each 
language) which doe not require the installer software in order to be edited.
In the latter case, editable language templates could be produced by copying 
the English variant.


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