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> Am Montag, 10. Mai 2010 23:34:18 schrieb Jernej Simončič:
> > Windows installer for GIMP has till now always been in English only,
> > although the installer always shipped with all translations that are
> > included with GIMP. It would be nice, if the installer was translated
> > as well, but it uses it's own translation format, which is quite
> > different from gettext's .po catalogs. What would be the best way to
> > handle this translation?
> This depends on how the translations are done in the Windows installer.
> Some installers use some kind of database which is not interchangable
> and require the installer software for editing. Others use plain text 
> files (one for each language) which doe not require the installer 
> software in order to be edited. In the latter case, editable language 
> templates could be produced by copying the English variant.

AFAIK Innosetup uses the latter case.

I'm more concerned about the translations themselves:

Jernej, please make sure that the translators know what the messages mean... 
there have been times when GIMP's translations clearly showed that the 
translators have never tried them when using GIMP :)

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