I was reading the gimp vision again, and two things jumped out:

- GIMP is easily user-extendable, by easy installation of plug-ins
- GIMP should be easily extensible by the average user: one
click-installation of plug-ins

and was wondering if this could be implemented within the current
codebase as follows:

Pick a new extension .gegz that will mean a gimp extension
(precompiled or python) plugin or script installation package.

This will just be a gz file with a new extension.

Write a file load handler to handle this extension that will:

Unzip the file to a temp directory.

Inside the zip file will be all the necessary files for the
python/binary plugin or script as well as a file (xml?) that would
provide information on the contents:
- type (scm file, python extension, binary+platform)
- registered name
- payload list

The file load handler could then check to see if the thing is already
installed using the name
The file load handler could move the files to the appropriate loaction
The file load handler could refresh scripts, if a scm script or
provide a message that gimp needs to restart if a plugin/python.

Is there a roadmap for something like this already anywhere?

-Rob A>
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