Rob Antonishen wrote:

> I was reading the gimp vision again, and two things jumped out:
> - GIMP is easily user-extendable, by easy installation of plug-ins
> - GIMP should be easily extensible by the average user: one
> click-installation of plug-ins
> and was wondering if this could be implemented within the current
> codebase

I thought I discussed this last year with somebody who really wanted
to build us a repository...

there is two things I want to say that are requirements for this one.

one click _really_ means one click. this one click is either:

- in some website;
- inside a plug-in browser within GIMP; or
- on the desktop, but only when it was not received by
the 2 methods above (e.g. from a friend on a USB stick).

the other thing that is important is that GIMP should not
have to be restarted for the new plug-ins to appear and work.

my 2 cents,


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