I'm totally not qualified for this, but maybe some developer wants
$500 to regurgitate the developer documentation ...? 

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> Subject: writing opportunity for Backstop Media
> Date: Mon, 10 May 2010 09:01:19 -0700
> From: Bob Herbstman <b...@backstopmedia.com>
> To: t...@aceldama.com
> Hi Tom -
> I'm a partner at Backstop Media (http://www.backstopmedia.com) and I found
> your resume online. We're looking for someone with your background to write
> a work for hire article for IBM developerWorks on the following topic:
> Title: Modifying the Open Source GIMP image editor
> Summary of content:
> After having read the article, the reader will be familiar with how the
> millions of lines of the large GIMP code base is structured, where the key
> modules live, and consequently how to approach the code base when
> wanting to perform advanced additions or modifications to it.
> Articles run about 2,500-3,000 words and we typically pay $500. We would
> need to have this piece written by the end of May so please let me know
> if you'd be interested as soon as possible.
> Thanks, Bob
> Bob Herbstman
> Backstop Media

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