On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 7:13 AM, Rob Antonishen
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> I have looked at some of the previews and devel paint dynamic
> reports/reviews and still have a couple questions.
> In amongst all those settings is there any "trace a source layer" as an 
> option?
No. and there wont be one in this iteration either. Its nontrivial and
probably pretty slow to access pixel under cursor for dynamics
evaluation and the whole thing needs to stabilize first. there are
other simpler dynamics inputs that are proposed, but not happening for
2.8, like the position of the cursor in the image.

> And along with that is there a brush dynamic to control the gamma of a
> brush while painting?  (This would be much like hardness for
> parametric brushes but for colour (stamp) type brushes would have some
> value).

What do you mean by gamma? There is the Force output. It tries to
emulate the force a brush is applied  to the canvas with, that
saturates some parts of the brush when applied. It has been part of
gimp for ages, under the name of hardness but it is not really
hardness as used in vector brushes so it has a new name now.

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