On 05/19/2010 04:03 PM, lloyd konneker wrote:
> This is a request to put the Resynthesizer plugin in the Gimp project.
> The author, Paul Harrison, has given me permission to maintain
> Resynthesizer.
> I am an unaffiliated computer scientist and have developed in C, Python,
> and Scheme under Unix, Linux, and MS Windows.
> I have studied the Resynthesizer code and created a short list of bug
> fixes, performance enhancements, and refactorings (breaking one large
> source file into many, and splitting the resynthesizer into an engine
> and a GUI.)
> If that's agreeable, I will learn Gimp development processes and create
> the proper make files etc before uploading a new version to the Gimp
> project.  Also, internationalize where necessary.  (But not recode to
> Gimp style?)
> The Resynthesizer package includes:
>    the engine written in C++, with its own GUI of settings
>    several plugins written in Scheme that call the engine:
>      Smart enlarge
>      Smart remove selection (now called "Heal selection")
> I would like to include plugins that call the resynthesizer, by other
> authors:
>    Uncrop - synthesizes a larger image, same perspective, wider view.
>      Written by me.
>    Fill resynthesized pattern - fills with a pattern, but a random
>      texture instead of a regular tiling.  Written by Rob A
> Currently the resynthesizer package is distributed by Debian and other
> organizations.  I have corresponded with the Debian builder of
> resynthesizer, but he is not the maintainer and relies on the author's
> downstream source.
> I believe it is one of the most useful and popular plugin packages.
> Putting it in Gimp and getting the bugs fixed would help many users.
> I would be glad to provide more details.

Hi Lloyd,

Personally I'm not principally against including Resynthesizer, but for 
it to happen it is important that the initial set of patches looks good. 
So I suggest you start with getting together patches that adds 
Resynthesizer to GIMP which can then be evaluated.

I certainly see it as a favour for users to include a popular plug-in in 
the default install.

  / Martin


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