El Miércoles, 19 de Mayo de 2010 16:03:23 lloyd konneker escribió:
> This is a request to put the Resynthesizer plugin in the Gimp project.

I vote for that!

I'm a Gimp teacher. I have teach very people and Resynthesizer makes all the 
people goes crazy!

You could explain people lot of nice tools Gimp includes... people says: ok, 
this is very nice, but when I use 
But when you show people Resynthesizer plugin working, people says: Wow!!! I 
Want it! How I can install Gimp on my 
computer now?

Then, when you explain people, that Resynthesizer must be downloaded, copied, 
configured... installed as a plugin... 
bla, bla, bla... people says: Ah! well! if someday I need the Gimp, I will ask 
you for installing it... 
then, they gone...

I know Gimp is great, and complex, there are no much resources and to add more 
complexity is a no good idea, but Gimp is 
a great application, and lot of people will love it if they discover it, if 
they can learn it. 

But if we want people discover Gimp, and use Gimp, Gimp must have some "WOW" 
features. Features that cause a great 
impact on people.... Resynthesizer is a "WOW" feature who impacts on people and 
leave in the people's mind the idea 
that Gimp is a great and valuable software. 

When more people will discover Gimp, more people will install it, and more 
people like me will appear to teach this 
people how to use Gimp... and I think more resources will come to Gimp...

I know it is a difficult decission to include this and others features, but I 
think you must consider the "impact" of 
some features can cause on users. I think more users is good for every 
software, and all actions that gain more users 
for the Gimp is a good action. For this reason I publish my Gimp Howtos and 
tutorials, I teach people to use Gimp 
(workshops and courses) and I vote for include some relevant features like 
Resynthesizer on Gimp.

I hope you consider these things before make a decission. ;)

Great work and thanks for bring us this excelent software. ;)

Salu2 de jEsuSdA 8)
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