I've created a patch to improve the behavior of brush size increase\decrease
keyboard shortcuts, particularly at small sizes and large sizes. The old
behavior increased\decreased the brush size by a fixed value (0.10), which
worked fine at medium sizes, and reasonably well at large sizes (since you
could hold down the keyboard shortcut to get a lot of change), but
completely broke down at sizes underneath 0.20, since you tended to have two
options; too big or too small. (Or, when under 0.10, none at all!)

This patch sets the increment according to the following rules:

If <brush size> is greater than 2, it increments by 0.20.
If <brush size> is less than 2 but greater than 0.50, it increments by 0.10.
If <brush size> is less than 0.50 but greater than 0.10, it increments by
If <brush size> is less than 0.10, it increments by 0.01.

I've tested this in my own use over the last couple weeks, and it seems most
helpful, particularly when masking fine details. This patch is against

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