On 05/27/2010 06:48 PM, Michael Natterer wrote:
> Yes, the concern is that tool buttons *do* have a fixed size, and I
> really don't think we should scale them. The interface is IMHO
> better with the resize steps. There is no reason to have non-square
> buttons, because it doesn't exactly look good or professional.
> --mitch

I have to admit rectangular buttons doesn't look very pretty. So how 
about vertically centering the toolbox? Mockup, where left is "worst 
case" and the right one is "one pixel extra wide":


We get the best of both worlds:

  * Ability to pixel perfectly adapt the toolbox to any windowing setup
    and an interface with a smoother feel to it
  * Always square and nice-looking and compact tool buttons

We also get rid of the quite ugly flicker when inter-button spacing is 
adjusted as the toolbox window is resized. And again, if a user thinks 
the spacing around the toolbox is butt-ugly and can't stand it, he can 
just decrease the toolbox width.

  / Martin
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