Hello Hadas,

2010/6/1 Hades <ppm10...@163.com>:
> Could new version of gimp building swf?

SWF is a very large file-format. It can do anything from showing
simple pictures, to running advanced web applications (using
actionscript). You'll need to be a bit more specific about what you
want to do with the SWF.

I don't know of any existing plugin to export SWF (static images in
SWF) from GIMP images.

> In linux env,is there any good swf builder project ?

If you want to work with SWF on linux, you should probably try libming
- http://www.libming.org/ It has many tools and utilities for working
with SWF files. You should be able to find a way to use libming to
convert static images to SWFs.

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