On Tue, 2010-06-01 at 03:10 +0200, Jozef Legény wrote:

> when I tried to compile GIMP without installing libjpeg from source
> (and thus into /usr/local/lib) it complained about not being able to
> find the library even though other libraries (like glib, gtk or tiff)
> didn't seem to have problems. I did add the correct -I and -L flags to
> CFLAGS and LDFLAGS variables

Please be more specific and send us information about how exactly you
call ./configure and what the exact error is (including the relevant
parts from config.log).

> for the twain i join the compiler output at the end of this message,
> since I don't have a scanner I found it easier to just disable it by
> force

Yeah, the TWAIN issue is known and we are hoping that someone will
finally send a patch to address it.

> Finally, I'd be more than happy to create an application bundle if
> someone could point me to a good tutorial on howto create those. (if
> there is a point of a bundle for the development release)

Just out of interest, are you building against GTK+ compiled with the
native Quartz backend or are you still using X11 for this?


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