Has there been any discussion about doing away with the 'floating 
selection' quasi-layer that occurs after copy/pasting in Gimp? I don't 
mean to compare the Gimp to Photoshop, but it seems like this is a place 
where Photoshop does the right thing: when graphics are copy/pasted a 
new layer is created. In my experience the floating selection 
quasi-layer has little or no usefulness.

A new layer is non-destructive. Why is there a need for this other type 
of layer? The name 'floating selection' isn't even accurate. This is a 
collection of pixels. It is not a selection. A selection is an ephemeral 
mask not a collection of specific pixels.

What would be best, I think, is that a new layer would automatically be 
created after pasting and that this new layer, rather than appearing at 
the top of the layer stack, would be created directly above the 
currently active layer.

While I'm at it I also recommend that layer boundaries should be 
disposed of. They only add confusion. A layer should be apparently 
without dimension and should be masked only by the canvas. The current 
way of doing things is confusing. If a boundary smaller than the canvas 
is desired a layer mask should be used. Currently I am confused about 
the relationship between layer boundaries and layer masks. They seem to 
be the same thing.

Thanks for listening. If a discussion about these issues has already 
taken place, please provide URLs to those discussions. I have no 
intention of reopening discussions that have already been resolved.

Jason Simanek
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