On 06/02/2010 06:12 AM, Gino D wrote:
> 2010/6/2 Jason Simanek<>:
>> A new layer is non-destructive. Why is there a need for this other type
>> of layer? The name 'floating selection' isn't even accurate. This is a
>> collection of pixels. It is not a selection. A selection is an ephemeral
>> mask not a collection of specific pixels.
> Until some time ago, I also doubt the usefulness of this kind of
> layer. Recently, however, I discovered that the floating selections
> can be really handy, especially when they are put into action within
> the scripts.

Thanks for pointing out the usefulness of floating selections for 
scripting/plugins. That makes a lot of sense. But if that is the only 
usefulness for this special type of layer I think it should be a special 
behavior that can be employed by script and plugin writers, not the 
default in the GUI.

What Gino just told me is that the floating selections are a special 
type of layer whose special properties can only be perceived or employed 
by scripts. How would a normal mouse-user derive any usefulness from the 
qualities of this special layer?

In this case it seems the interest in making Gimp scriptable has 
overridden the interest in making Gimp's UI intuitive.

-Jason Simanek
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