Hello saulgoode

  thanks a lot for your great explanation... I'm looking at the GIH
plug-in right now.
  BTW (for other novices) there are some useful info in the
doc-devel/parasite.txt file I miss when I post the msg :-(

      best regards


2010/6/3  <saulgo...@flashingtwelve.brickfilms.com>:
> If I understand correctly, libgimpbase/gimpparasiteio.c does not
> actually contain any functionality which your plug-in should be making
> use of; instead it is the intended centralized location for the
> parasite conversions to be placed for GIMP's "standardized" parasites,
> i.e., the ones supported by GIMP core and its official plug-in. It
> does not appear that this intended convention has always been followed
> -- for example, the gfig plug-in processes its parasites within its
> own source files -- though parasites in general aren't used as much as
> they could be.
> The GIH plug-in (for image pipes) is apparently the only code which
> currently processes its parasites in the gimpparasiteio.c file, and it
> seems to me an excellent example of how you should handle your own
> parasites. As you can see from the source, it is basically an
> associated list of pairs of structmember:value each separate by spaces
> (if you need to use colons or spaces in your data then you should
> choose different delimiters).
> As a third-party plug-in, you will not be placing your parasite
> handling in libgimpbase/gimpparasiteio.c; however, I would recommend
> following the approach used for the GIH image pipe plug-in. As an
> associated list, it will be trivial to later add or remove struct
> members and maintain both forward and backward compatibility. If at
> some point in the future your plug-in were to be accepted as an
> official part of the GIMP distribution, then it might become
> appropriate to move the parasite handling from your plug-in to the
> libgimpbase/gimpparasiteio.c file.
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