On Sat, Jun 5, 2010 at 1:34 PM, Markus Ilmola <markus.ilm...@pp.inet.fi> wrote:
> I am trying to compile the latest git version of Gimp on Ubuntu 9.10
> (Karmic Koala). I got it compile, but it crashes when ever I try to
> create a new image. Does not matter how (File->new, paste from
> clipboard, take a screen shot, etz). Here are the debug messages to are
> printed:
> ...
> /home/markus/Projects/gimp/app/.libs/lt-gimp-2.7: symbol lookup
> error: /home/markus/Projects/gimp/app/.libs/lt-gimp-2.7: undefined
> symbol: gimp_pixels_to_units

I don't know about the canberra-gtk-module error, but errors about
missing symbols usually mean that the wrong version of the Dynamic
libaray (.so) was loaded. Try running "ldd
/path/to/your/gimp/executable" to see which versions of libraries are

If you have an old GIMP installation (2.6.X or older) this is likely
to happen, since gimp_pixels_to_units() is a new function that was
added after the 2.6 series, and if the old libraries of GIMP 2.6 are
still in the path, they will be loaded instead of the new ones. Check
that indeed the versions of libraries which are loaded (the ones that
ldd shows) are the new versions which you compiled.

Anyway, if this is indeed the problem, try doing this in a console
(bash) window:

export COMPILE_DIR=/the/prefix/directory/in/which/you/compiled/stuff

And then run your compiled version of gimp from the same console window.

If this doesn't work, you may have to set these variables and then
recompile your git version of GIMP (with these variables set).

Hope this helps =)
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