On 09/06/10 19:43, Alexia Death wrote:
> On Wednesday, June 09, 2010 20:19:03 Sven Neumann wrote:
>> On Tue, 2010-06-08 at 16:32 +0200, Simon Budig wrote:
>>> Hi all.
>>> At LGM we threw some ideas around for Gimp-Merchandizing.
>> Since I haven't been at LGM, I have trouble to understand the motivation
>> for doing GIMP merchandising.
> IT was discussed and two reasons dominated.
> a) Promotion material for the fun of it. Cheap giveaways, like Wilber stickers
> you can give away at local meets for fans to show their love for gimp. It
> boosts the fun index of the project sky high. Heck, I wish *I* had some to
> stick on my laptop lid. When I finally get a decent printer I might print some
> paper ones but... Real stuff would be way cooler.
Yeah! I have a wilber sticker! Woot, Cool , loads of fun. My life just 
seemed empty before , how did I live? Yeeha! WOOT again, merchandising 
is FUN!
> b) Something a little bit better as a token of appreciation. Google gives the
> GSOC students shirts... It would be rally nice if we could give them a nice
> little mug with Wilber on or something.
> And If someone wants to buy the items, that should ye,s be an option too but
> it wasn't really the aim.
>> You are certainly not doing this for the money, are you? We have a
>> steady flow of donations coming in and basically nothing to spend this
>> money for.
> This was proposed as a way to do something with the money that would be fun.
  Merchandising is usually a way of MAKE money not spending it. Paying 
for everyone to go out for a few beers sounds more like fun.
>> Perhaps someone can explain why the GIMP developers should even care
>> about merchandising.
> Im speaking for myself here I guess, but Id like to have something to show off
> what I do as a hobby ... and spread the Wilber love around.
What, you print mugs for a hobby , cool!

There seems to be something fundamentally disingenuous in all this 
merchandising bullshit.

I would have thought the best was to promote GIMP, if that needs to be 
done , is to show off what can be done with the software, not printing 
mugs , tee-shirts and balloons.

I don't think gilbert is particularly good example of what can be done 
with GIMP and I find this silly mascot rather demeaning and irrelevant. 
Hardly the focal point of the project.

I recall seeing some really impressive computer art that was done with 
blender. Real art, like as in paintings, not just pulling ellipses and 
triangles around. It was hard to believe it was done with a computer.

It would be more inspiring and more of an accolade to GIMP to show some 
really top class work created with it rather poncing around with a gimp 
flavoured handbag and a sticker on your forehead.

Perhaps any promotional effort should be made to relate to the project.

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