On Thu, 2010-06-10 at 01:21 +0200, g...@catking.net wrote:
> It would be more inspiring and more of an accolade to GIMP to show some 
> really top class work created with it rather poncing around with a gimp 
> flavoured handbag and a sticker on your forehead.

Get real, who wants handbags, we are talking about wilber ass tattoos
and GIMP branded dildos!

Seriously, what bad crack did you smoke before writing that response.
What harm does it do if somebody produces some GIMP stickers and mugs?
Don't we have more important things to discuss here?

This is like the *typical* mailing list bullshit discussion. A complete
irrelevant garbage topic where everybody feels like they can have a
relevant opinion. I would wish for that kind of participation when
it comes to really important issues.

(and no, I don't address you personally here gg in the last paragraph,
 only in the ones above)

annoyed regards,

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