I had scanned a bunch of small odd shapped images and most of them I couldn't
get rotated exactly right. I had to use photoshop and they have a feature
where I can draw a straight line, and say to rotate the image to that line. It
was called Rotate to Arbitrary. I see a similiar feature in Gimp where I can
rotate the image, but I can't have it rotate to a line. The reason this is
helpful is because I can choose a line of text or a border edge because I
wasn't able to straighten out the images just by eyeballing them. I was within
one degree, but that wasn't good enough for because over 12 inches, you can
see that the text is a little crooked. rotating the image -1 degree the other
way over corrects the image in the opposite direction, so it is best if the
computer can rotate it. How can I request this feature to be added. It seems
very useful for images that aren't straight and allows people to just
arbitrarily throw images on the scanner, and then orient them up perfectly..

doug p. (via www.gimpusers.com)
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