Maybe my poor english made you confused about my task? I have some knowledge on 
gtk+. My task is to response the right-click message on canvas. Is this clear? 
The original responding is to popup a menu which as same as the menubar. I 
wanna modify it. For example, to popup a message box or new window and so on.


From:Sven Neumann
Send Date:2010-06-20 04:31:11
Subject:Re: [Gimp-developer] How to edit context menu?

On Sat, 2010-06-19 at 23:49 +0800, Bear wrote:
> hi,
> Er... but my work is to make it popup something like a new window instead the 
> original context menu... Could you help me? thx!

Are you familiar with GTK+? If not, please read the documentation and
tutorials before you ask here. We can certainly help you with GIMP
specific questions, but I get the impression that you are lacking some
fundamental GTK+ knowledge that is absolutely essential for what you are
trying to achieve.


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