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> When the boundaries of the "group layer" are modified, the result is
> that each of the member layers are cropped to the new boundaries. This
> is not what I would expect to happen. I should think that the "group
> layer's" boundaries should act as a passe-partout, masking out regions
> of the member layers which happen to lie outside it, and that in
> manner similar to the behavior of the image canvas, that member layers
> be permitted to extend beyond the "group layer's" boundaries.

The group layer boundaries are just legacy, we don't want them at all, 
and it would thus be a bad idea to implement functionality that depends 
on the existence of (explicit) layer group boundaries, like adding a 
"Fit group canvas to layers" button. The (implicit) boundaries of a 
layer group should always be the smallest boundary that encloses all 
children. Masking a group should instead be done with masks or clipping 
paths, and we will fix at least layer group masks for 2.8.

  / Martin


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