I'm using the git version of last Sunday, on a Dell Inspiron 530 with Debian
testing and GNOME. I have a dual screen environment, and I want all GIMP
windows to be always visible on the visible workspace. Thus I can change
workspace on one of the screens, and always look at GIMP windows on the
other screen.

I'm not certain that the problem I encounter is new to this git version.

Using the GNOME right-click on the title bar of the GIMP windows, I ask for
having them always visible on the visible workspace.As soon as I call a
filter which opens a dialog window, the property I set disappears, and I
have to set it again after closing the window. Moreover, the dockable
dialogs and the toolbox, although they still have the property set, no
longer behave properly. However, if I set the property again on the image
window, the other dialogs again behave as expected.
Olivier Lecarme
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