On 29.06.2010 17:28, Louis Desjardins wrote:

> a) You have enough information to make a call on the proposed LGM venues
> for 2011?


> b) You had enough time for a round of internal discussions to see
> whether a significant portion of your team will make it to any of the 3
> possible venues? 

Yes. We're fairly sure that very few GIMP developers will attend a LGM
in Vietnam (distance and politics), some more in Brazil (distance) and
probably a few more in Montreal, although some may decide to skip a LGM
that's held at a familiar place for the third time.

> If not, how much time would you like to have for such a round before making 
> it a team decision?

The difficult part is that it's almost a year till the next LGM. Nobody
can yet tell for sure if they'll be able to attend.

> c) You are in the end satisfied by the process? if not please give some
> hints on how to improve this process.

I'd like to see it extended on future LGM plans as well - i.e don't wait
until after LGM 2011 to decide about 2012. Knowing where the next few
meetings might be can help a lot if you know that you'll skip one for
whatever reasons.

> d) You are ready to make your call about the venues? if yes, please make
> it now, if not please tell us when, and maybe why!

My personal preference would be Brazil - Vietnam - Montreal; without any
really strong opinion for or against any of them.

> e) Do you think the guidelines are helpful? if not, are they useless?
> can we improve them or should we simply remove the code?

The guidelines are useful. There outline exactly why each item is
important for the organizers, without being rules for rules sake.

> f) What do you think of the bidding process? Should we keep it as it is,
> a one-year process? or should we make it a two-year process? And do you
> think again you have enough information to make a real choice? Please
> explain.

Two years. Especially for people who have to save up for travel and
accommodation (even if reimbursed, you'll have to cope with less money
for some time), it is very helpful to know that a next LGM may be closer
to one's location.


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