>> Apparently no way to skip unistall, or to cancell unistall/install
>Apparently somebody is claiming things without even trying the

Sergey i tried the installer
and i could not see how cancel or skip unistalling
Judging from messages i see here
>> The point is i can't see any reason to force unistall,
>The point is that the new installer combines 32 and 64-bit GIMP in a
>common installer, and once it becomes stable, many people will be
>upgrading from 32-bit GIMP 2.6 -

I didn't saw any option in the 2.7.1 installer for chose 32 or 64 bit
even if my computer support 64 bit i suppose installed, without asking the 32
bit version since all my extra plugin, that were usually not compiled to work
at 64 bit, seem working fine

>.. many people will be
>upgrading from 32-bit GIMP 2.6 -
>it would make no sense for these
>people to keep both GIMP 2.6 and 2.8 at the same time, so the new
>installer removes the old version first. Since this functionality
>needs to be tested before it's deployed in the stable installer, it's
>forced in the unstable one (the uninstall will be optional, but I
>haven't implemented that yet).

 most (if not all) of third party plugin are not compiled for 64 bit but only
for 32 so many may prefer run a 32 bit gimp even if a 64 bit version could be

Or simple they may wish to run a stable version for work...and a beta for the
fun to test new features...

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