I have spent some time investigating this in order to ask intelligent questions but I give up, here goes.

I use Gimp for photography and as pre-press for presentations and web-sites. I am retired from a career of medical image processing, so I have a history and a library of C++ image manipulation routines.

I would like some new tools in Gimp and I've searched plug-ins and scripts. My first problem is that I am not comfortable that the tools I want don't exist rather than I just haven't found them yet.

What I'd like to do is:

   * Rotate by an arbitrary angle.  I've scanned an image but the page
     was not square in the scanner or camera.  The best way to do this
     is to draw a line on the edge of the page and have a command that
     rotates it to horizontal or vertical.  The algorithm is well
     defined and easy (except for indexed color images).
   * Draw arrows and shapes over an image (new vector layer).  I found
     a shape drawing plugin that is fine except you fill in a form
     instead of draw the outline with a cursor, and it doesn't use the
     pen defined in the main window.

My questions:

   * Do plug-ins like this already exist?
   * Would you write these as core, plug-ins, or scripts?

I did download and build 2.7.1 from sources and have a NetBeans project working for development, I've been using my compiled version. I'm exploring the sources and while I'm familiar with the algorithms for what I want to do, I have a long way to go figuring out where to hook in. I'd appreciate advice on documentation, and source modules to read.

Sorry for the newbie questions to the list.


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