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> hi all,
> the reason I talked myself into the position of 'maintainer of default
> resources' (is that a title like 'floor manager' at mcdonalds?) at the
> LGM is that I voiced concern over how they can either enhance or
> sabotage the product vision:
> (...)
> one last thing: we have a green pepper problem. it fails several of
> criteria outlined above, but the GIMP team seems to be emotionally
> attached to it. similar to the GIMP name, we seem to wear it as a
> badge of honour. so I am 50/50 on in/out. this may prove to be
> the hardest decision of my career >^}

One thing that applies to to the pepper , but may ease the conflict of
what should go in or not:
maybe the "default" resources could be tagged to "default" -- and
instead of showing all items at program satrt=up, we could show just
the "deffault" tagged items.

That way, the pepper, sun, wine brushes could go under a "bitmap" tag,
but have no "default" tag attached. That would also make it easier to
display just the wanted gradients - several of the gradients shipped
with GIMP are used in tiny-fu scripts.

(as for the pepper per se, my personal opinion: I have no problem at
all with it going away. I have _one_ "real" use for it: it helps me to
locate the pixel brush, since it is next to it in alphabetical order.
The "pixel" brush should, IMHO, be tagged "pixel" by default, so it
can be found with less keystrokes)

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