00a...@gmail.com (2010-07-22 at 1532.12 +0930):
> > I've presented GIT master for a large audience today (200+ people)  -
> > after the presentation, the "most requested feature" at questions
> > time, was also this one.
> Just noting that we still need the option to manage layer bounds ourselves.
> In particular, it seems common to paste something with the expectation
> that after anchoring it will be cropped to the underlying layer
> bounds, rather than expanding it. That should be straightforward.

Or to be sure you do not have a huge layer wasting memory and causing
noise due to some random pixels far away from the zone you really want
to keep (the digital version of lens dust, figure which layer has a
pixel causing some faint speckles).

But hey, I think this is the Nth the same issue comes up: "auto size
increase for layers is need... yeah, but keep manual crop, computers
are not infinite... blah blah... it is in the plan". And back to the
lack of programmers.

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