Let me respond to the points that have been made in this thread.  The first
to say is that there are solid arguments in both directions, and any
decision is a
trade-off, so there is no need to insult one side or the other.

The global popup menu is certainly useful; I have used it very often.  The
menu for the text tool was introduced as part of on-canvas text editing.  It
introduced because on-canvas editing could not work without it -- there was
reasonable way to access text versions of Copy and Paste and other essential
commands except by using a context menu.  Mitch has been working on a set
of canvas widgets that may do the job, but they were not available when
text editing was developed.  Once they work well, it might be possible to
get rid of
the text tool context menu.

There are other tools that also would benefit greatly from either a context
or an on-canvas control.  The clearest is the paths tool -- for example, it
be very valuable to be able to mark a path vertex as "smooth", by
constraining the
two handles to always point in opposite directions.  That would be easy to
but there is currently no good way to give the user access to it.  It is
easy to come
up with other examples.

In summary, popup context menus and popup global menus are both useful; the
only question is which one is more important.

  -- Bill
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