I have a few function on my must have list.  I've been able to find some 
scripts that are close.

It's been over 20 years since I did any LISP programming so Scheme is 
not to bad, but still a chore.

My biggest issue is debugging.  My searching has turned up this quote 

"Debugging Script-Fu scripts is only slightly less painful than stabbing 
yourself in the eye with a dull spoon.

There is no debugger for Script-Fu, and it tends to generate either no 
errors or pretty much useless errors."

That sums up my experience so far, but I'm looking for a more optimistic 

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it.

As a more long term fantasy, has there been any discussion of an RPC 
portal to the Procedure Database.

This would allow add-ons to be written in any language with a relatively 
small investment in each.  The big plus for the developers of add-on 
would be the ability to use existing IDEs with a DEBUGGER.

This is a project I could sink my teeth into.


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