On Tue, 2010-07-27 at 23:50 -0700, Charlie De wrote:

> I suggest that implementing the improved functionality is of much higher 
> priority than backwards compatibility with the old. 

If xcf got broken a lot of people would abandon gimp - you can't screw
your customers/userbase like that. And it would likely lead to even
fewer resources available for development, as people who care about
quality, and about usefulness, would maybe leave over it, or at least be
less enthusiastic.

The way to change layer modes would probably be to introduce something
new, e.g. a new set of layer modes, or a "use old layer mode colour"
option that would be set by default when opening an older xcf file,
perhaps with an offer to convert to new colour modes.

Having said all that... I'd wondered myself why that photoshop trick of
blurring a layer in mode colour didn't work well in gimp, but I don't
know that this means gimp is "wrong" here. The right answer is to work
out what the behaviour should be, for each mode, and do some tests to
see if the implementation matches expectations. "Be the same as
some-other-program" is not, of course, a goal for GIMP. And of course it
would be nice to be able to fix camera noise, especially from lower-end
and older cameras, in this way!


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